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Haleywood is not satisfied with just producing a dining set and a sideboard. Our intention is to produce entire lifestyle series for our valued customers. With this in mind, our furniture ranges caters more choices and varieties for the needs of the end-consumers.


The Processes

Haleywood maintains our own offices in China and employs several full-time Quality Control (QC) agents in our factories to ensure that the quality of exported products are on par with international standards.

Furniture produced for every order undergo stringent testing and quality control by our QC agents. During the course of production, three Work-In-Progress reports are filed together with dozens of pictures taken of processed material, so as to check for defects. This is an example of some of the quality processes that we have infused into our work process.

Once the entire order is completed, our QC agents will perform a final inspection before the furniture is shipped out to the customer. In addition, recyclable packaging is used to pack our furniture to help reduce impact on the environment.


Clamped in forms having the proper contour in which high-speed rotating knives will subsequently shape the wood into the required shape with both accuracy and consistency.


Edges are glued or joined through methods such as tenoning, dowelling and dovetailing to ensure seamless joints and a perfect fit.


Exposed parts are carefully sanded on belt sanders, buffers, soft pneumatic drums and even by hand to ensure a quality smooth surface.

What are the materials that you provide?

Haleywood is also capable of producing furniture in a wide variety of woods, such as Elm, Ash, Oak, Birch, Chinese Walnut and Tropical Hardwood.

We are also dedicated to develop sustainable eco-friendly furniture.

Can you tell me the difference between the varieties of wood source?


  • Very durable with hardy wear resistance
  • Stains and finishes well without requiring filling of pores for smoothness
  • Tannins in bark make it resistant to decay


  • Hard and stiff with excellent bending and shock resistance
  • Interlocked grain prevents splitting
  • Dries well with minimum degrade


  • Good dimensional stability
  • Strong, elastic with high shock resistance
  • Readily steam bent without losing strength


  • Versatile, fine textured timber
  • Natural waxes make its durable and waterproof
  • Stains very well

Chinese Walnut

  • Tough hardwood of medium density
  • Stains well to produce an exceptional finish
  • Good dimensional stability and readily polished


  • Light colour enables easy finishing in any colour
  • Machines well and possesses good stability
  • Ecologically sustainable

Do you produce other furniture?

We are capable of producing a myriad of furniture that includes dining sets, sideboards, bookcases, bedroom sets, coffee tables, television cabinets and various small furniture. Although the majority of Haleywood furniture is made with Oak, our designs can be manufactured in numerous types of wood.

How do you ensure your furniture is protected during shipping?

By making sure that we use ‘details of carton’ to help protect the furniture as well as ‘details of foam’ to protect the wooden edges of the furniture to make sure that it will help absorb any impact during loading and unloading. For casegoods, we also make sure that there is a plywood frame underneath the casegood so that when using forklifts, the plywood frame will support the weight and the carton will not be crushed.

How do you ensure the quality of your furniture?

By making sure that each order undergoes stringent quality checks. From the moment the order is placed, our full-time quality assurance staff make sure that the quality control process begins from the start to the finish. From checking the raw materials to ensure they meet our standards, and conducting several work-in-progress inspections as well as one final one, we ensure that the furniture reaches you in the best quality possible.


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